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DENVER (KDVR) — This week’s drop in temperatures has had an effect on some buildings around the metro area.

Freezing water can expand causing pipes to burst.

When boilers break down, repairs can take an extended amount of time due to a lack of parts caused by supply chain issues. Renters’ rights experts say tenants should always report any problems to management immediately in writing.

One Thornton resident tells FOX31 heat and hot water can be inconsistent in her unit.

“It’s about lukewarm that comes out so it doesn’t really warm up the apartment” she said.

The Problem Solvers asked the management what could be done. A staff representative tells FOX31 hot water should be working fine in the complex, but they’ll be happy to make any adjustments, as well as check for any mold caused by leaking.

Colorado’s Law Of Habitability requires landlords to address any threat to a safe, healthy environment in a reasonable amount of time as specified in your lease.

Tenants should document any damage caused by leaks with time and date stamped photographs and maintain receipts for any expenses.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has more information for renters regarding rights, laws and protections.