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DENVER (KDVR) — The weather is warming as more people are being inoculated against the novel coronavirus. The combination promises to boost business at various breweries, bars and eateries throughout the Front Range. Meanwhile, public health officials continue to warn about the possibility of an upcoming COVID-19 surge.

Esters at Oneida Park has been serving more pizza and beer recently as more customers gain a higher level of comfort.

“Guests that I’ve spoken to have told me [they] got vaccinated and feel more comfortable coming out,” said Mimi Pamphille, general manager at Esters Oneida Park.

The same is true at Station 26 Brewing Co. in North Park Hill where the warm weather is helping the bottom line. Outdoor seating will help the brewery accommodate an anticipated increase in business, and jobs are coming back.

“We’ve even hired two part-time workers in the last two weeks,” said Gavin Wiesner of Station 26 Brewing Co.

While society eases back into normalcy, medical experts are still worried about crowds. They warn it’s too early to let our guard down.

“We need to continue to be diligent,” said Dr. Reginald Washington.

Washington is chief medical officer at Presbyterian/St Luke’s Medical Center. He said the vaccines are working. Fewer people are dying, but the virus is still sending younger folks with underlying health conditions his way.

“The age mix of the patients is drastically changing,” Washington explained. “We’re not seeing the elderly any longer.”

Experts believe we won’t reach herd immunity until 70 — 85% of the population is inoculated, including children. 

Until that time, physicians worry about new variants of the virus. It’s why distancing and mask wearing are still important.