NORTHGLENN, Colo. (KDVR) — Two weapons were found at the scene of a deadly Northglenn shooting where two boys allegedly attempted to enter a resident’s backyard and exchanged gunfire with the homeowner on Sunday afternoon.

Northglenn Police said Wednesday that the pair broke a fence to gain entry into the backyard of a home in the 11600 block of Peart Street and attempted to gain access to a garage-like structure attached to the home.

Police said one of the boys had a semiautomatic pistol and the other had a machete when they encountered the resident who exchanged gunfire with one of the boys. Both were shot, taken to the hospital and later died, police said. The resident was not injured in the shootout.

Police said Monday that the incident was related to another burglary in the area.

“Items from a linked burglary, including an airsoft gun, were subsequently recovered in the backyard of the Pearl St. residence. The airsoft gun was not a factor in the shooting,” police said Wednesday.

Neither of the boys’ identities has been released by police since they were juveniles but loved ones identified one of the boys as 16-year-old Ismael Cordova.

“I know he made mistakes, but he didn’t deserve this,” Cordova’s father, Ismael Rodriguez, said. “If somebody is breaking into your shed, they could have called the cops. There’s other alternatives than to just go outside and start shooting.”

Northglenn Police will submit the conclusion of its investigation to the district attorney’s office. The DA will then decide whether criminal charges will be filed or not.