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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Less than an hour after three Aurora police officers were fired for their involvement in a photo showing a controversial choke hold, FOX31 spoke to Elijah McClain’s Mother.

Sheneen McClain said the firings were “a little too late, but it’s about time.”

Sheneen’s son, Elijah McClain, died after being arrested by Aurora police last August.

He had not broken any laws. Still, police video shows McClain begging police officers to let him go.

Two months after his death, three police officers took a selfie mocking the type of choke hold used on McClain at the site of where he died.

Advocate Candice Bailey spoke at a news conference after the photos were released to the public on Friday.

“This is not the culture, the character, nor the moral of the Aurora citizens. They are murdering us,” Bailey said.

The family is now calling for the arrests of the officers who were involved in McClain’s arrest and death.

The McClain family attorney, Mari Newman, described the act of photographing themselves and making fun of the event “disgusting.”

Newman said the act of taking the photos is part of a long tradition of systemic racism at the Aurora Police Department.

“The Aurora Police Department has a long, horrible history of both racism and brutality that needs to stop today,” she said.

Advocate Elisabeth Epps said one good police officer could have saved Elijah’s life.

“We didn’t need all those cops to be good cops. We needed one of them to be a good cop,” Epps said at the news conference.

Aurora’s Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said at her own news conference earlier on Friday thata the photos were “sickening” and “reprehensible”.

Wilson said the officers involved in taking the photos needed to be fired immediately.

The Chief apologized to Elijah McClain’s family several times during the news conference.