DENVER (KDVR) — A water main break that created a large sinkhole in the Hale neighborhood also flooded underground parking garages at nearby high-rise condominium buildings.

“I received a knock on my door at 5 o’clock that the garage had flooded and to move my car,” resident Pam Butler said.

Butler was able to save her car. Another resident, Aaron Sternberg, was not so lucky.

“It’s very frustrating. It’s unfortunate, but what can you do? I’m patient. But I’m not one of those guys that gets impatient because you’re not in control,” Sternberg said.

Burst water pipe nearly 100 years old

The pipe that burst near Ninth Avenue and Eudora Street was laid in 1927, making it nearly 100 years old. It’s made of iron and is 30 Inches wide.

What caused the conduit to burst is not clear. But Denver Water said they are initially thinking the cause is related to corrosion.

“In this case, it might have been a corrosion issue or some change in water pressure. It weakened and there’s a break in the pipe,” Denver Water spokesperson Todd Hartman said.

The flooded garages forced electricity to be shut off at condominiums down the street, forcing people who live in them to leave.

“When I looked out, this whole street was flooded, about 2 feet high of water,” resident Andrew Lambertson said.

Residents say they are not sure when they’ll be able to return. Denver Water said Thursday evening it “will be working with residents on potential accommodations.” The road is expected to remain closed for the next few days as repairs are underway, including on utilities.

Denver Water is currently working on replacing older pipes in the city. A spokesperson said the one that broke near Rose Medical Center was not scheduled to be replaced in the near future.