DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Water crews are working a large water main break in the Hale neighborhood.

According to Denver Water, crews are responding to a 30-inch conduit break near 9th Avenue and Eudora Street. The area is in the Hale neighborhood next to Rose Medical Center. Crews have been on site since 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

In comparison, most water main breaks are 8 inches in size, this break caused damage that is about 12 feet deep and 13 feet wide.

Denver Water said the cast-iron pipe was put in place in 1927, making it nearly a century-old pipe.

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SkyFOX flew over the scene and showed the extent of the damage from the water main break.

Water damage from the break was extensive and sent thousands of gallons of water rushing down the hill. Denver Water reported that several vehicles that were parked on the street and in the underground parking garage were damaged.

“In some cases, we’ve seen people go in, fetch their vehicles and successfully drive them out. That’s good news. In other cases, some vehicles, particularly ones with lower clearance, might be damaged. We’re still assessing that as well,” said Todd Hartman with Denver Water.

Denver Water does have a policy that they will reimburse $1,000 for property damage that insurance does not cover in the event of a water main break.

Additionally, Hartman said water may have knocked out the power and heat to a 91-unit apartment complex nearby.

“The water that got into some of the underground areas may have damaged equipment, or the equipment may have shut down on its own. We’re trying to handle that very safely and very carefully,” Hartman said.

The cause of the break has not yet been determined, but a spokesperson for Denver Water said it was likely due to age instead of weather because water conduits are further underground and therefore insulated from drastic temperature swings.

Water has been shut off since 6 a.m. to stop the flow so crews can assess the damage. According to Denver Water, it could take up to 24 hours to complete the repairs.

Denver Water is asking everyone to avoid the area while they clean up.