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WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Videos and pictures have been pouring into the FOX31/Channel 2 newsroom since a tornado was first reported on Monday evening in Weld County.

The National Weather Service will be in Weld County on Tuesday surveying damage to determine the strength of the tornado.

Credit: Lori Cb
Esther & josh dorow
Tony Kahler
Credit: Becky DeLorenzo

Most tornadoes in Colorado occur over the Eastern Plains and are on the lower end of the Enhanced Fujita Scale of tornado intensity. 

Colorado is not located in the normal “Tornado Alley,” but Weld County actually has the number one rank for the weakest tornadoes (EF0, EF-1) anywhere in the United States. 

There is an average of around 31 weak tornadoes (EF0, EF1) each year across Colorado. Most of those happen in the Eastern Plains. 

For the most part, tornadoes in Colorado occur in the afternoon with the development of the afternoon thunderstorms.

Credit: Ian Mani

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