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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — The Parker Police Department released a new video of a wrong-way, drunk driver crashing into a squad car last year. 

It happened on Feb. 5, 2020 on Parker Road, where a sergeant encountered a person driving into oncoming traffic. That sergeant activated his flashing lights, but the driver continued towards him, ultimately smashing into the side of the cruiser. 

According to police, the sergeant involved suffered a broken thumb during the crash. 

“He threw on his overhead lights, and just came to a stop, and was hoping the car would come to a stop,” officer Chase Kelsay said. “But as you saw, that’s not what happened.”

Kelsay said the driver was arrested for DUI and said they’re thankful the sergeant was able to stop the driver.

“It shows you the level of impairment of that driver,” Kelsay said. “There’s no saying what would have happened if he had continued in those lanes, or increased his speed.”

As of Dec. 1, there have been 620 fatalities on Colorado roads this year, with more than a third (36%) involving an impaired driver, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Already this year, there have been more than 15,000 DUI arrests in Colorado, an average of 55 every day. 

“It’s devastating because this is a preventable crime,” Jocelyn Rhymer said. “There’s no price of human life.”

Rhymer manages victim’s services with Mothers Against Drunk Driving Colorado and says the holiday season often brings an uptick in impaired driving. 

“This has been a tough year, and we want people to celebrate. It’s okay, but make sure to make a safe plan ahead of time, and to have a safe ride home.”

The state’s annual “Heat is On Holiday Parties DUI” campaign started on Dec. 15, and runs through Dec. 29. Drivers can expect additional DUI patrols and checkpoints during this period. 

Parker Police issued this warning on social media Saturday: 

Holiday parties and family get-togethers are ramping up, as is our DUI enforcement. Don’t ruin your holidays by spending the night in a jail cell. If you think your credit card bill looks bad after Christmas, tack on the average cost for a DUI in Colorado, $13,530. Ouch.The drunk driver in this video was driving the wrong way down Parker Road last year. He broke Sergeant Ross’ thumb while crunching his patrol vehicle.Plan a safe way home before you head to the holiday party or your parent’s house, whether it’s Uber, Lyft, a cab or a couch. Be smart, and don’t drive, even if you’re “only a little buzzed.”