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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — A Steamboat teenager caught the battle of a lifetime between two bull moose fighting head-to-head in the middle of breeding season.

If the visuals of the two strong bull moose sparring weren’t captivating enough, the sounds of antlers crashing against each other or the loud thud of the 800 to 1,200-pound animal falling to the ground will surely catch your attention.

Charley Lodwick is a junior at Steamboat Mountain School and she caught the incredible sight right outside her home off Anglers Drive.

The video shows the aggressive battle between the bull moose, and at one point captures one moose being pushed into the back of a pickup truck.

The video caught the attention of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which is reminding everyone that moose are in the middle of the rutting season and can become very aggressive, especially when it comes to claiming a female.

According to CPW, rutting season begins in mid to late September and runs through October.

Bull moose, like the ones seen in the video, begin breeding by setting up territories. Bulls often become aggressive during the season and will fight head-to-head until the dominant bull drives off, injures or even kills the challenger.

Moose are not light-weight challengers, the big game animal can weigh 800 to 1,200 pounds as adults and bulls can stand up to six feet at the shoulder.

If you find yourself in a tense situation with an aggressive moose, CPW offers these tips:

  • Run away as fast as possible
  • Get behind a large tree, rock or another object
  • If you are knocked down, get up quickly
  • If injured, seek immediate medical attention
  • Report the incident to CPW as soon as possible

While living amongst the wildlife is common in Colorado, this is definitely a unique sight caught by Lodwick right outside her own front door.