DENVER (KDVR) — While reporting on the Denver Broncos deal to hire Sean Payton as the new head coach, FOX31’s Jim Hooley had a few visitors on Wednesday morning.

A pair of coyotes took a stroll through the parking lot and Hooley captured it on camera.

You can watch the full video in the media player above.

Coyotes are currently in mating season, which lasts from mid-January to mid-March.

What should you do if you see a coyote?

CPW said if you see a coyote, you should keep your distance and not approach the animals.

  • Keep your pets on a leash when walking them.
  • If a coyote approaches you or your pet, you can throw rocks or sticks to frighten it away.
  • Use a loud, authoritative voice to frighten the animal.

The animals most at risk are smaller dogs and cats. It’s important to keep them on a leash during walks and to be with them when they are outside in the yard, CPW said.