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NIWOT, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video of officers relocating a bear out of Niwot on Saturday.

According to CPW, wildlife officers helped a 2-year-old sow, also known as a female, bear find a better home after she wandered a little too close to town. This bear was relocated out of the town of Niwot.

The sow had caused a bit of trouble for residents after she garnered 11 reports of activity. Officers said this bear received 11 reports of getting into the trash, bird feeders, and other food sources during July.

Most recently, the bear had gotten into a beehive on Saturday morning. Officers were able to capture the sow and transport her out into the wild where she belongs.

According to CPW, black bears are very curious creatures and will explore homes, campgrounds, vehicles and large communities to find all possible food sources.

In the video posted by CPW, a wildlife officer opens the transport box and releases the 2-year-old. She runs off into the woods before taking one last look back at the officers. One officer can be heard telling her to “go on” before she disappears into the woods.

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