EDGEWATER, Colo. (KDVR) — The Edgewater Police Department is issuing a warning about people setting up outside of grocery stores or other retailers with a violin and sign saying they need some help.

EPD said this is a fake violin scam and it is happening across the country.

“They’re playing the violin – or at least that’s what it looks like – and asking for donations. You may have heard them using a violin and a large speaker standing outside of either Target or King Soopers in the Edgewater Marketplace,” EPD said.

Recently an Edgewater officer talked with a group and asked them to play a song and they were unable to play.

Police also said they have had reports from the public that they heard the music, but when the so-called violinist stops playing and the music continues to play through a speaker system.

Here are some other things you should look out for, according to EPD:

  • A sign held by a man and woman, sometimes children asking for help with rent because they have recently lost their job
  • Possibly driving to and from the location in vehicles that have fictitious out-of-state license plates

If you are experiencing homelessness in Colorado, here are some resources that can provide you with help:

EPD said it is issuing the warning to the community and business owners so they are well informed before donating their money.