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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A wallaby was spotted at Quincy Avenue and Piccadilly Street in Aurora on Tuesday morning.

The wallaby — named Surprise — is likely missing from the Zoology Foundation, an animal sanctuary 40 miles away in Larkspur. It escaped the sanctuary more than a week ago.

“This is crazy,” neighbor Elys Torres said. 

Torres opened her East Quincy Highlands neighborhood Facebook page Tuesday morning to a shocking sight. 

“I was on my Facebook neighborhood page and they said something like, ‘My wife saw a kangaroo while walking in the neighborhood,’” Torres said. “I immediately freaked out, saying, ‘There’s a kangaroo in the neighborhood!'”

Torres called her mother who happened to see a post recently from the Zoology Foundation, an animal sanctuary 40 miles away in Larkspur, about its missing wallaby.

“At first I was kind of in shock. You don’t typically see a wallaby anywhere, especially in a neighborhood in Aurora, but it’s pretty exciting,” Torres said. 

Torres notified the Zoology Foundation about the spotting. Two sanctuary employees tried to come search the area to find him but have not seen him yet. 

“It makes us very hopeful at least we know that hopefully he’s alive and well and doing alright if he made it 40-plus miles north,” Zoology Foundation General Manager Anna Miller said. 

Miller says wallabies typically rest during the day and move around at dusk and dawn. 

If you see the animal, please call 303-951-8813 as soon as possible. Do not attempt to catch or approach him.