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DENVER (KDVR) — Monday night, Denver City Council members will have their final vote on a proposal that would allow for marijuana delivery, in addition to several other changes to the city’s marijuana code. The Denver Finance Committee first looked at the plan earlier last month.

Under the proposal, delivery could start at 8 a.m. until midnight. Marijuana delivery would initially be allowed through third party transporters. Only people who meet state social equity requirements could apply to run a transporter business in the first several years.

The city proposal would also create a hospitality program for businesses to set up cannabis lounges, some of which could be mobile and operate on buses and shuttles.

“We’re building the framework,” Denver’s Excise and Licensing Dept. Exec. Dir. Ashley Kilroy said. “But what we’ve seen before is mobile tour buses. So maybe a bus that would pick up individuals, do a tour of a dispensary, get back on the bus and consume marijuana on the bus.”

City officials say they have been researching the plan since 2015, when state lawmakers paved the way for marijuana delivery, among other changes. City leaders we spoke with say they’re ready for this to move forward.

“Since the pandemic, the marijuana industry has seen over $2 billion in sales in Colorado,” Kilroy said. “What we really feel like, and what we’ve heard from the community and all of our stakeholders [is that] it is time that we open that market up, that we remove barriers to entry and allow others to participate in what can be a really lucrative business.”

Under the proposal Denver transporters could also deliver to other neighboring cities that allow for marijuana delivery, such as Aurora, which passed a similar measure in Dec. 2020.

If passed, several changes could take effect right away, according to city officials, however delivery would likely take several months to begin.