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DENVER (KDVR) — Proposed changes to Denver’s code, known as a “group living proposal,” are expected to be voted on by the city’s Land Use, Transportation and Infrastructure committee next Tuesday.

The draft amendment is still being constructed, however, city leaders say the latest version is expected to allow more than two unrelated people in Denver live together in a single unit residence.

“It will probably be four, five or six people in a house plus their children,” Denver city council member Kendra Black said.  Black notes the proposal has been scaled back in the wake of community feedback.

The group living proposal is also expected to expand where residential facilities, such as assisted living and sober living communities, can be, in addition to expanding where community correctional facilities can be located, in an effort to have facilities more evenly distributed across Denver.

“They cannot go in single unit or two unit neighborhoods,” Black said.

Members of the neighborhood group Montbello 2020 say they are concerned about how the proposed changes could impact property values.

“We have no confidence they would enforce these ordinances that they’re trying to do. They haven’t done it yet,” Ann White, president of Montbello 2020 said. “We have problems with trash, we have problems with excessive numbers of cars.”

City leaders say work on the group living proposal started three years ago, noting other big cities that have similar ordinances in place have not seen neighborhoods transform.

If the draft amendment is voted out of the LUTI committee next Tuesday, it could be up for a full city council vote in January or February, according to city council members.