DENVER (KDVR) — A nonprofit that’s been serving families just north of Denver for more than a decade is at risk of closing.

The North Denver Cares food pantry feeds hundreds of families in Broomfield and Boulder counties every week, but it’s in danger of closing its doors because of rising costs.

“Our landlord wants to increase our rent and so that’s going to be additional money we need to operate, and everything is more expensive from the grocery store to the food you have to purchase, and transportation costs have tripled in the last year,” executive director Brian Decker said.

Volunteer Meg Anast said if the nonprofit goes under, some 500 families will not get food to eat.

“We kind of fill in the gaps for those people and it’s really neat when we see them come in and they have a smile on their face and know they can feed their families,” Anast said.

It’s something unimaginable for Anast and other volunteers like Dennis Dreiling and Audrey Speed.

“It makes you feel good inside, yes, but that isn’t really why I do it, I do it to help the people,” Dreiling said.

Volunteers started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help keep the pantry doors open.

The team is trying to raise enough money to stay operational and keep food on the table for those families in need.