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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A 12-foot metal frame that appeared at Garden of the Gods this week is causing a lot of backlash for the city of Colorado Springs.

The “Olympic City USA” frame was installed at High Point near parking lot #9 this week after it was donated to the city by GE Johnson, a local construction company, KRDO reports.

The city says they installed the metal frame is a way for visitors of Garden of the Gods to capture the beauty in a new way.

But the new frame is bringing on a lot of backlash from visitors.

“Nature itself provides the beautiful, beautiful scenery, we don’t need an ugly blue frame,” visitor Brigitte Koechling told KXRM.

Somebody suggested to do a digital frame on Snapchat or Facebook. You don’t need to have an actual frame,” said Randi Hitchcock, Chief Operating Officer at UpaDowna who first posted the picture to Facebook.

People are also voicing their opinions on the Garden of the God’s Facebook page.

“This is the ugliest thing ever! It needs to go,” one person wrote.

“Horrendous eyesore,” another visitor wrote. “If, you must keep it you should change the color frame to something that is more earth tones and complements the natural surroundings.”

The city issued a statement on Friday saying that it will be reevaluated at the end of 2018.

“No rock formations were impacted by the installation of the frame, which is adjacent to the parking lot,” the city said. “The location and installation will be re-evaluated at the end of 2018. No tax dollars were spent on the frame, as it was donated.”