LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lafayette bowling alley could be the latest target of a real-life wedding crasher, wanted for stealing cards and gifts from multiple weddings over the past month. 

Wednesday night, Michael Gonder said a man matching the same description as the alleged wedding crasher stole multiple items, including backpacks, from the Coal Creek Bowling Center.

The business now believes the same man stole multiple vending machines from the alley last year, when he wheeled in a dolly while wearing a construction vest.

“It’s the same guy,” Gonder said. “Same shoes, same pants. Doesn’t look like he’s changed clothes.”

Are the wedding and bowling alley thefts connected?

A side-by-side comparison of two thefts, one in Westminster, Colorado and one in Lafayette, Colorado. (Church Ranch Events Center, Coal Creek Bowling Center)

Gonder, a Marine Corps veteran, said the backpacks contained his family’s credit cards, car keys and some military patches that can’t be replaced.

He said the vending machines that were stolen last year belonged to his kids and were an early way to teach them about business.

“He just put the vest on, played the game, waited until nobody was looking on a very busy night,” he said. “I didn’t notice until a day later when we were going to do the candy machines and they were gone.”

Gonder posted photos of the man on social media Thursday, and within minutes, he started receiving messages linking him to news coverage of the wedding venue thief

“I hope that us as a community can reach out and find who this person is,” Gonder said.