AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A Henderson man is recovering in the hospital after being shot while working as a tow truck driver in Aurora.

Michael Fuchs said he was placing warning stickers on cars at the Robinwood Condominiums in March when a driver took exception to his job. 

“I was tagging vehicles, just giving 72-hour warning stickers for cars with expired tags, no license plates,” Fuchs said. “And the resident was a little upset and animated and said I had five seconds to get the sticker off his car before he messed me up.”

Fuchs said he explained he was there at the request of management before turning to walk back to his tow truck. Video then shows a man hiding behind a truck then shooting at Fuchs from behind. 

“Next thing I know, he fired 12 rounds at me, hitting me three times, left me for dead,” Fuchs said. “I’m laying there face down in a pool of blood just thinking about my loved ones, and not being able to tell them I loved them before I died.”

Shot tow truck driver not getting worker’s compensation

Fuchs said he was taken to a hospital in Aurora before being airlifted to Swedish Medical Center. He’s spent the past few months in and out of the hospital, where the bills are piling up.

“It’s all money,” he said. “Money that I don’t have.”

Fuchs said he was working for a company called Colorado Roadside Posse, but he said the company hasn’t provided any worker’s compensation or help with medical bills.

FOX31 reached owner Ben Pearson Tuesday afternoon. Pearson said Fuchs signed a 1099 agreement, making him ineligible for worker’s comp as an independent contractor. 

Fuchs said he doesn’t believe that’s fair, considering the nature of the work. 

“I represent myself as an individual, but I’m driving his tow truck, I’m representing his company, I go do calls when he sends me text messages to go do calls, so I feel like I’m an employee,” Fuchs said.

A fundraiser has been set up to help Fuchs pay for medical bills. 

Aurora Police arrested the suspected shooter, Duan Yorks, who is now facing multiple felony charges.