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CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. — Rick Hogge says he was visiting Colorado from Texas with a group of friends who go on motorcycle trips every year.

Earlier this month, the group hit the trail on Schofield Pass near Crested Butte, riding their bikes down rocky and narrow trails.

“I would say it’s pretty technical,” Hogge said in a FaceTime interview.

He had a video camera on his helmet when he flew off a cliff and into the cold water of the punch bowl below.

Weighed down by wet, heavy clothes, boots and a helmet, he made his way to a ledge where he waited.

His friends found him minutes later, and guided him as he climbed his way back up the cliff.

That’s when the emotion set in.  “I thought about my kids on the way down,” he said.

Hogge guesses that he fell 60 to 70 feet, but he’s not sure.  Amazingly, he is fine, and suffered no injuries.

He says it was very important to him to get the motorcycle out of the water and keep the area pristine for other users.

It took a lot of effort from several groups , but they were able to get the bike out of the water.  Hogge is not sure if it is salvageable.

He’s just thankful he survived and was able to make it home to his three children.

“So, so many things just went absolutely perfect to allow me to survive that and I really feel like the grace of God is why I am here now,” he said.