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AURORA, Colo. — It was a close call for a family in the middle of the night after a truck went flying into their home. The driver was ejected and the scary scene was caught on camera.

A surveillance camera captured a truck flying over a car and slamming into a home with five family members inside.

The truck first careened through a yard across the yard on Akron Street.

Rocks and pieces of a fence went flying through a neighbor’s living room window.

Neighbor Angela Remolina said, “I opened the and I said ‘My God’ and I started calling my uncle.”

Surveillance video also captured the driver flying through the air then crawl out from a nearby fence line.

Jose Gardea’s family was in the home the truck hit. Gardea said, “It sounded like an explosion.”

The impact hit the kitchen and caused major damage.

Aurora police say the driver was taken to the hospital and is now being charged with drunk and reckless driving.

The family says other crashes have occurred here and they are now thinking about moving.