BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — Body camera video helps boost a stark warning to animal owners after an officer broke into a hot vehicle to rescue a dog.

The police body camera video captures the rescue of a 13-year-old terrier from a car earlier this month. Police received a call to rescue the dog, Lucy, who was locked in the car at a shopping center on an 85-degree day.

Temperatures in the locked car registered at 113 degrees.

“The dog was down by the foot pedals trying to get cool. That’s the coldest part in the vehicle,” said Lawrence Hernandez, Brighton Police community services officer. “So you could see that the dog was in distress.”

Hernandez told FOX31 the car windows were barely cracked, not allowing for enough air to help the dog overheating in the car.

‘1 minute is 60 seconds too long’

Officers say they ran the license plate and found the name of the owner. Hernandez said they worked with the store where the car was parked, calling the owner’s name over the speakers to try and get her outside to no avail.

After multiple attempts to track down the owner, Hernandez and officers broke the car window to rescue Lucy.

“She looked like Michael Jordan because she had her tongue hanging out the whole time,” he said. “I made sure I took care of her and got her into the truck, because that’s our job, right? That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Body camera video screen grab showing an officer holding a white terrier in a store parking lot
Brighton Police body camera video captures the rescue of a 13-year-old terrier from a car earlier this month. (Credit: Brighton Police Department)

Hernandez said the owner came out and shared her appreciation for protecting Lucy. He told FOX31 the owner said she only ran into the store for what she thought was “just a minute.”

“One minute is 60 seconds too long,” he said. “She was an elderly woman, but she said she couldn’t hear the pagers overhead. So we did talk to her a little bit about it and told her that she would be receiving some summons for improper treatment of animals. She understood completely. She actually thanked me.”

Along with having your window cracked open, leaving your pet in the car in dangerous heat warrants a summons to appear in court.