COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — The moments after a Fountain Police Department officer was injured when he fell from a bridge while trying to capture a suspect were caught on video by drivers who witnessed the immense law enforcement, emergency services, and Flight For Life presence near the area of South Academy Boulevard and Hartford Street.

Jordan Guy shared cellphone videos of the incident on Thursday with FOX21 News which showed the initial multi-agency pursuit of the suspect, who FPD said committed multiple felony crimes.

The video also showed the moments when law enforcement stopped the suspect vehicle and the massive emergency response following the officer’s fall.

Flight For Life was also captured flying over the area while traffic remained at a standstill. The helicopter is eventually seen landing on the roadway before taking the officer to the hospital.

Overnight, FPD provided an update on the officer and said he was in stable condition after an initial CT scan was completed. FPD also thanked medical staff, emergency services, and law enforcement agencies for their response and compassion during the incident.

We ask that you remember all of our law enforcement partners and Fire/EMS personnel who were by our side [Thursday]. We also want to remember our amazing call takers and dispatchers at El Paso County Sheriff’s Office who have been through so many difficult events. These situations take a toll on them as well.”

Fountain Police Department

FPD said the officer fell from the bridge while trying to capture the suspect and fell about 30 feet. There are three suspects in custody, according to FPD, and there is no danger to the public.

“We ask for prayers for our officer, his family, and our FPD Family,” said FPD.