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DENVER — Before firefighters arrived at Wednesday’s three-alarm construction fire, good Samaritans ran toward the flames.

Mitchell Longman was one of them.

“Reality hit in, and all of a sudden, we were saving someone,” Longman said.

Cellphone video shot by Longman’s cousin showed the tense moments. Mitchell and others could be seen running to help a man believed to be a construction worker.

“He crawls across the ground to the other side right before we push the fence all the way down,” Longman said one day after the fire. “He was already kind of out of it. He was sitting there for a while.”

Longman believes the man was surrounded by hot, smoke-filled air for several minutes.

“It was way hot,” Longman said. “My lungs are even messed up from the hot air.”

An ambulance arrived at the scene after the man was pulled away from the burning building. Longman said the man would have died if he and others waited for firefighters.

“There is no way he would’ve survived that,” Longman said.

The identity of the injured man has not been released. Authorities confirmed one person was taken from the scene Wednesday in critical condition.