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DENVER — Starting this fall, Colorado will begin a pilot program to make video games – Esports – an official high school sport.

The pilot program from CHSAA, the Colorado High School Activities Association, is set to last three years and if all goes according to plan, Esports would be sanctioned a lot like traditional sports, such as football and basketball.

However, the state plans to make them coed and there won’t be divisions based on a school’s size or location.

“I think that’s a great opportunity for young gamers,” one young gamer, Patrick, told FOX31.

He was practicing at Localhost Arena in Lakewood, where some professional gamers work and play.

“It’s the ability to put your skills to the test, (such as) hand-eye coordination. It’s a testament to how good you are at something,” Patrick said. He plays up to a few hours every day.

However, professional gamers can play more than 100 hours per week.

“They’re fun. They’re competitive. They’re interactive,” said Evan Ives. He works at Localhost, has played professionally and is just a few years out of high school. “You’re able to make friends while also competing against enemies.”

Some gamers can also make a lot of money. The best players can make millions of dollars. Others can earn a free education. More than 100 colleges now offer some form of Esports scholarships.