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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver Nuggets fan was caught on camera fighting with a Phoenix Suns fan at Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs at Ball Arena on Friday night.

The fan who shot the video, @cbj3000, said in the tweet that the two Nuggets fans were leaving when the Suns fan waved bye to them and yelled “Suns in 4!”

“What I have seen by being a fan and in the community, this isn’t any reflection of the true fan base of Denver sports,” Ty Beaty, a Nuggets Fan said. 

The Nuggets fans got up to leave, stopped, turned back and dumped a beer on the Suns fan’s head, the fan said in the tweet.

The Nuggets fan threw a punch at the Suns fan and the Suns fan grabbed the Nuggets fan. He pulled his head down and continued punching him.

“That was super crazy but unnecessary,” Amber Chamberline, a Nuggets fan said. 

This isn’t the first incident of rowdy fans Denver has seen so far this year. At a Colorado Rockies game in May, a San Diego Padres fan was caught on camera punching a Rockies fan. Then multiple fans jumped on the puncher. ​

“Everyone isn’t used to being together even though that has been our whole lives but this last year everyone has been confined,” Chamberline said.  

Just last week, five fans were arrested at the Mexico vs. USA Nations League Championship game. The fans were caught on camera throwing things at the USA players on the field. One player was even knocked to the ground and one of the fans arrested is now banned from all future events at Empower Field at Mile High according to the Denver Police Department. 

Many fans of Denver sports teams we spoke with said they feel like the built up tension from the pandemic is why people are acting in this way. 

“People, just have fun, just relax. It’s amazing were able to be at the game full capacity in person. It’s a miracle,” Sam Silverman, a Nuggets fan said. 

FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to Kroenke Sports for their reaction on the fight, they responded with: 

“At this time I refer you to DPD for comment on the incident that occurred on Friday night.” 

We also reached out to DPD to see if there will be charges involving the fight at Ball Arena. We are waiting to hear back. 

*Audio was edited out of the video due to foul language.