DENVER (KDVR) — New video was released Wednesday of a shooting when police say an officer was ambushed and shot while standing guard outside a hotel near downtown.

Surveillance camera video shows a man walking into a hotel lobby around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, June 7. The officer was sitting in his car at the Quality Inn in the 2600 block of North Zuni Street, at Speer Boulevard.

The surveillance video does not have audio. It shows the suspect as he exits the hotel, reaches into his coat and fires into the officer’s car. The officer exits the patrol, falls to the ground and runs behind the car as the shooter continues to fire him.

The officer is then seen returning fire.

“Shots fired! I’m hit,” the officer says on a police radio.

The wounded officer stands near the hotel’s entrance and appears to be struggling as he continues trying to protect himself by firing at the shooter.

“Send me an ambulance. I’m still on my feet. I still got eyes on the suspect,” the injured Denver Police officer said.

A police officer points a gun from behind a police SUV
Surveillance video shows a Denver Police officer firing on a shooter police say ambushed him outside a hotel. (Courtesy of Denver Police Department)

Officer was patrolling immigrant shelter

On Wednesday, investigators said the officer had been positioned on a “directive patrol” at the inn, which is designated shelter for immigrants. Police said they are not aware of any threats to the hotel.

The motive is not known.

Two handguns were found on the suspect, who was killed. He’s been identified as Nicholas Lendrum of Weld County.

“While inside the hotel, the male inquired about renting a room from the clerk before determining the cost was too high for him. He walked out of the hotel through the same main doors where the officer was previously parked and approached the officer’s vehicle and discharged his firearm multiple times.” said Matt Clark, major crimes commander.

A photo provided by Denver Police shows bullet holes in the officer’s vest, which was hit three times. He’s now home recovering.

Another officer was shot in another police-involved shooting in Denver later the same day.