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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman is sharing dramatic videos of motorcyclists brazenly breaking the law downtown.

Megan Burchstead lives near 20th and Market streets, where she’s started documenting the activity from her window.

One video captures a group of bikers blatantly running red lights. Another shows them driving up and down sidewalks, even parking on them.

“They race around and rev their engines incessantly, everywhere,” she said. “They go the wrong way down one-ways, they drive on the sidewalk.”

Burchstead said she’s called the Denver Police Department non-emergency line dozens of times since this started happening in April, but she said little has been done to prevent it.

“Literally nothing, nothing,” she said. “I think if they showed up, they could actually do something, because there’s been multiple nights where I called multiple times about the same group of bikers.”

Denver Police released the following statement to the Problem Solvers Tuesday: 

The Denver Police Department is aware of street racing/exhibition of speed activity and is conducting extra patrols when and where possible. DPD has invested resources into curbing street racing citywide – directing prevention and enforcement efforts based on resident complaints and data – and, of course, strongly discourages motorists and motorcyclists against racing and speeding due to the significant danger these behaviors pose to all road users.

As for our pursuit policy, the Denver Police Department continues to weigh the safety of the public against the dangers of a vehicle pursuit. This does not mean that violators of traffic infractions and any other associated charges may not be contacted, identified and/or pursued by other means.  

As always, we encourage everyone to give us a call to report any type of illegal activity. Additionally, people can also report street racing at 

Denver street racing penalties

DPD says drag racing can result in:

  • drivers losing their license with a 12-point violation,
  • fines up to $999,
  • and vehicles being impounded.

How to report street racing in Colorado

People can report street racing anonymously by calling 720-913-2000 or visiting