DENVER (KDVR) — Ruben Candelaria lives near Quebec Street and East 28th Avenue and recently caught uninvited people in his garage.

He said there was no forced entry, but video shows that somehow a man and a woman were able to get inside his garage.

“When you come to our building, just to gain access, you have to have a code to enter,” ” Candelaria said.

Tuesday night, Candelaria said he and his fiancée were getting ready to end their day.

“I saw my camera footage, a young lady, trying to open up my door,” Candelaria said.

That woman was seen on the video clearly examining Candelaria’s work van.

“I probably have about $20,000 worth of equipment in my van at this time,” Candelaria said.

Surveillance sign tips off intruders about camera

The woman peeked inside his van but catches sight of something else in the garage, a sign that reads, “Smile, you’re on camera.”

“She had walked back this way and noticed the camera,” Candelaria said. “This is what had alerted me.”

The woman notices the camera watching her then walks out of the frame and lowers the camera with her hand.

“Me and my fiancée had ran downstairs to tell them to get out of here, to her to get out of here, not knowing there was a second person,” Candelaria said.

Candelaria said he confronted the woman and the man who entered the garage with her.

“He had his hands in his pants acting like he was grabbing something. I don’t know if it was a gun or a weapon or whatnot. So I kind of stood back here. My fiancée ran back up the stairs,” Candelaria said.

The pair left the scene without incident. Meanwhile, Candelaria and his fiancée called Denver Police and were left with more questions than answers.

“It really upsets me, knowing that these people want to take away from us hard-working, blue-collar workers,” Candelaria said.

There was no word on how the pair were able to get into the building and garage.