BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Just days after armed thieves attempted break-ins and stole cars in Cherry Hills Village, police in Broomfield said the same group hit homes in a neighborhood there.

It happened in the Spruce Meadows neighborhood, and investigators provided photos of the people involved. Police were stepping up their patrols in the Broomfield neighborhood on Friday.

It is an upscale area, with large homes and quiet streets. The residents said these people are not committing their crimes in anonymity.

“No, nothing like this. It’s been a pretty safe neighborhood,” said Ryan Siurek, a resident of the neighborhood.

Police say thieves caught on camera in Broomfield are tied to attempted burglaries in Cherry Hills Village. (Credit: Broomfield Police Department)

Spruce Meadows is not a gated community.

“It’s been a great neighborhood, and we’re shocked to hear that one of our neighbors’ houses was broken into,” said Todd Maul, another resident in the neighborhood.

These incidents of attempted burglaries and thefts were a surprise for folks who call this neighborhood home. Word got around when a report of a burglary happened this week, and the folks seen in the photos were the culprits.

“The homeowner, the wife, heard them, came running down and yelled at them, and they ran,” Maul said.

Possessions are important, but it’s personal safety that residents say matters most to them.

“It’s a family neighborhood, a lot of people have kids,” Siurek said. “Yeah, so everybody’s on edge I think.”

Don’t be an easy target, police warn

Police are warning folks not to be an easy target: Don’t keep valuables in your vehicles, keep your garages closed and don’t forget the opener in your car either.

People who live here are prepared to defend their homes, even if they don’t want to see it come to that.

“The wrong thing can happen,” Maul said. “I’m sure some people have weapons. It’s just not the situation you want to get into. It’s a mistake for everybody at that point.”

Cameras in the neighborhood catch the license plates of anyone coming or going.

“We have it at our entrances, both entrances,” Maul said. “It’s on the HOAs and the Broomfield Police have access to it too.”

Making this incident even scarier for residents: Police said at least one of the suspects was seen holding a firearm.

That falls in line with the incidents reported in Cherry Hills Village earlier this week.