DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people who live in bear country to lock their doors after an attempted break-in was caught on video.

The bear was caught on surveillance camera trying to open the door of a truck but luckily the owners locked the doors and the animal was unable to get in.

It’s good practice to secure your automobiles and home to begin with but not only from human invasion, to keep animals out as well.

Recently, there have been two bear break-ins in Larkspur where bears have caused extensive damage but no humans were hurt. One destroyed the interior of a vehicle after being lured into the car by the smell of lip gloss and another may have smelled crumbs under a car seat.

CPW tips to bearproof your home and vehicles

Wildlife officials advise anyone parking in bear territory whether they’re camping or live there to lock their vehicles to prevent bears from getting inside. Additionally, clean or remove any items and trash with a strong scent that could attract wildlife. 

Here are some tips from CPW to keep your vehicles and campsites secure from bears:

  • Lock your doors when you’re away from home and at night.
  • Keep the bottom floor windows of your house closed when you’re not at home.
  • Do not keep food in your vehicle; roll up windows and lock the doors of your vehicles.
  • When car-camping, secure all food and coolers in a locked vehicle.
  • Keep a clean camp, whether you’re in a campground or in the backcountry.
  • When camping in the backcountry, hang food 100 feet or more from the campsite; don’t bring any food into your tent.
  • Cook food well away from your tent; wash dishes thoroughly.

Douglas County sheriff advises people to be cautious

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock offered suggestions on preventing any form of a break-in by a two-legged or four-legged perpetrator:

  • Always lock your car door and completely close your car windows. Don’t make it easier for a thief to enter your car.
  • Remove valuables. Don’t make your car a more desirable target for thieves by leaving valuables in plain sight. Don’t think thieves are fooled by a jacket covering valuables, they know to look under those as well.
  • When parked in front of your house or on your driveway, take the garage opener with you. The garage door opener is an easy way to gain entry to your garage. 
  • When out and about, park in well-lighted areas.
  • Park in attended lots, thieves do not like potential witnesses.