COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — One moment patrons at Club Q in Colorado Springs were having fun and laughing.

The next moment, gunfire erupted and the crowd was running for their lives.

A man named Anthony was one of them.

“I hid in a corner and crawled over against a wall. When I was hiding I heard nothing. It was all quiet. There was panic and fear. I was focused on surviving,” Anthony said.

Anthony, who is in his 40s, spoke while sitting in a wheelchair at Centura Penrose Hospital. He was hit by shrapnel several times.

Anthony’s partner Jeremy was at his side, standing and holding his hand. Anthony, who has been going to Club Q for years, is now in stable condition. He lost two dear friends in the shooting in what he considered a safe space.

“It has been one of my mom’s biggest worries and concerns. Going out, being gay and not having somewhere to go,” Anthony said.

This is what he would say to the shooter.

“I would probably say, why don’t you meet somebody and get to know their true heart before passing judgment?” Anthony said, fighting back tears at times. He said the shooter “really did harm a lot of pure hearts. I don’t know if they will be the same.”

Anthony’s partner Jeremy, who was not at the club, said the shooting changes everything when it comes to their sense of security.

“Now that has completely shifted that aspect. Even going from the hospital to the gas station. It changes your perspective,” Jeremy said as he stood sometimes kissing his partner on the head.

Anthony is now hoping to be home for Thanksgiving. He is grieving for friends, but he’s grateful to be alive. Anthony thanked the heroes who took down the shooter and the emergency responders who helped save his life.

The couple is now hoping people stand together to help fight hate against the LGBTQ community.