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The Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago and the memories still plaguedmany who made it home.

Ken Butcher, a Vietnam Vet, was on a gunship during the Vietnam War. He made it home safely, but many did not.

“Looking for help. I’ve been seeking serenity since I left ‘Nam,” said Butcher.

“It’s tough, looking for peace,” said Butcher. “This stuff is tough to take at times, at my wife’s urging I’ve been seeking some help.”

Ken’s hoping he can find more at the Vet Connect event in Loveland. It’s organized by veterans, for veterans, to help with everything from finding a job, to finding a friend who can relate.

Greg Goettsch, a Vietnam veteran himself, founded the group Qualified Listeners, who hosted the Vet Connect event.

“We’re not counselors, not therapists, we don’t want to be,” Goettsch said. “We just want to be there as a friend to listen.”

Goettsch’s hope for fellow veterans, like Ken Butcher, is they can find the serenity they seek, and anything else they may need.

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