LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) – It is important to honor and remember the nation’s veterans every day, but that sentiment rings powerfully on Veterans Day. Unfortunately, as veterans age, some experience memory loss.

Friday, 10 veterans from across all branches of the military were honored in a very special way.

There are 68 senior citizens, including veterans, who call Highline Place in Littleton home.

“Highline Place is specialized memory care. So everyone that lives with us has a diagnosis of some type of dementia Alzheimer’s,” Highline Place Senior Community Relations Director Jodi Cornman said.

On Veterans Day, 10 of those residents were recognized for their service to the nation. 

“We honored each one with what branch of service they were in and told their story to everyone,” Cornman said.

Nine men and one woman, each representing a military branch, were introduced and recognized. In addition to carrying the honor of serving, another thing that these veterans have in common is the challenge of memory loss.

“Today I could tell they were all enjoying the celebration and loved being celebrated,” Cornman said.

Despite battling memory loss, U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran Barney Schotters does in fact remember his combat experience.

“We did one assault on North Vietnam, I thought it was going to be terminal but it wasn’t,” Schotters recalled.

For some, unfortunately, precious memories are gone forever.

However, while they may no longer be able to remember their years of sacrifice and selflessness, the rest of the nation still does.