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DENVER — The Denver Police Department has come forward with a months-old story about the day-to-day heroism many local officers encounter.

In a Facebook post Sunday, the efforts of four officers to save a life are outlined.

According to the post, officers Michael Green, Alexander Esparza, Nathaniel Magee and Daniel Meadows responded to a report of a person in crisis on Aug. 19.

When the officers arrived, they learned the man was a military veteran who said he was frustrated with the government and the lack of assistance he had received, and threatened to harm himself.

The officers established a rapport with the man after a lengthy dialogue and he finally surrendered to them, according to the department.

During their discussion, the officers learned the man had not eaten in several days, so they took him to a restaurant and treated him to a meal before taking him for treatment.

The veteran’s current condition is unknown.