DENVER (KDVR) – An army veteran was charged over $30,000 in rental fees, but he says he hasn’t lived in the Northfield neighborhood apartment since 2020.

“I put my notice in two years ago and we’re still fighting the issue,” David Welch said.

Welch told FOX31 that the sale of the property added to his frustration after working with the former owners to settle a dispute over the lease.

“I’m just like, evict me or something, I mean what [are] you going to do,” Welch explained. “It’s just been a total nightmare.”

The Problem Solvers contacted the new ownership that took over management of the property in February of 2022.

The regional manager explained that gaining access to necessary records after the sale caused a delay. The staff has since located the records and addressed the issue.

“So relieved I’ve got other things to worry about, this is the last thing I need to worry about,” he said.

Legal experts told FOX31 that in any case that involves any type of dispute, always notify management in writing as soon as possible.

Information concerning tenant rights, laws, and protections is available on the Housing and Urban Development website.

Make sure you both provide documentation so they can research your issue and, additionally, consult a legal expert.