MEMPHIS (KDVR) — We have sold out our annual St. Jude Dream Home campaign to raise $2 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

FOX31’s Nicole Fierro traveled to Memphis to learn about the newest research and trials ticket money is funding. 

On the St. Jude campus, behind multi-million-dollar microscopes, there’s a special kind of motivation.

“Many people will go their whole careers and they won’t actually find or discover anything that actually has meaningful, impactful change to any patient,” Dr. Cliff Guy said. “That’s not how we roll here.”

Giving children and their families a shot at a full, healthy life brought the immunologist doctor and his family from Canada to Memphis.

“It’s hard not to go to the cafeteria and see these kids and not realize what they’re here for,” Guy said. 

Guy is the director of lab operations in the Department of Immunology. He’s also a father. 

“I have three myself, and for the grace of God, we could be here,” Guy said. “So, I do to the best of my ability, and we all do so that we can have impactful outcomes. Hopefully.”

Hope is high for Guy and his fellow immunologists. Right now, the team is unrolling four different trials, making special cells in their labs that can fight tumors for different cancers like never before. 

“These T cells, they go in there and they recognize that it’s a tumor cell,” Guy said. “And these T cells, the biology, how they work is they deliver a kiss of death to the target. I say it’s kind of like the evil witch of the West. When she gets the water thrown on her and she melts. That’s sort of what happens.”

These new therapies are being given to children in trials as they go through chemotherapy at no cost to the patients.

“These therapies are notoriously hugely expensive, costing several hundred thousand dollars for one course of treatment,” he said. “We are only here because of our donors. We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without that. All that behind-the-scenes research is also supported through dream home dollars.”

Even if you didn’t buy a St. Jude ticket you can still go see the home

Open houses will be held every weekend through Oct. 9.