DENVER (KDVR) – Dalton Snow fell from around 40 feet, and a boulder became dislodged and rolled over him, causing a number of injuries that could have ended his life were it not for two friends who were with him at the time.

Snow’s first stop after being injured while climbing in Moab was Grand Junction.

“Grand Junction, they took one look at me, put some staples in my head, squeezed my arm together and then they put me back in [the] ambulance, put me in an airplane, [and] flew me to Denver,” Snow said.

Climbing is nothing new to him.

“I’m very familiar with all the techniques and the gear and the equipment,” Snow explained.

Snow’s friends, Lorenzo Demura and James Xu, were with him after his fall.

“They were my angels and I’ll be forever indebted to them,” Snow’s mother, Anna McCullers, said.

How did it happen?

Snow said he found a spot to place a camming device, which is protective gear that helps catch you in case of a fall.

“So I kicked the block a few times so it seemed very solid,” Snow said. “It didn’t budge.”

At that point, Snow felt part of the rock, which was about the size and weight of a refrigerator, loosen.

“So I was hanging off of it, reaching out to place another piece, when it dislodged down onto myself,” Snow said. The boulder rolled over his arm, breaking part of it and causing him to fall about 40 feet to the ground.

“James, I talked to him and he said that he caught me just 6 feet above the ground,” Snow said.

His friends kept him warm, then signaled search and rescue using a GPS device.

“I saw my hand dangling off my wrist and the blood pouring out, and the blood everywhere,” Snow said.

Thankfully, he was able to eventually get airlifted to Denver Health where he was treated for his injuries.

He recalls the moment back in Moab when he started to realize that he wasn’t going to die from the accident.

“Once the tourniquet was on and the bleeding kind of subsided in that area, I remember thinking, ‘OK, I’ve got this, I’m going to pull through,'” Snow said.

Snow’s injuries

  • A broken pelvis (in two places)
  • Five broken ribs
  • A broken clavicle
  • A broken shoulder blade (which includes the injuries sustained to his hand and arm)

Snow said he’s been visited by friends across the country and is grateful for their support.

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