DENVER (KDVR) – The United States Postal Service is looking to hire 300 people to fill letter carrier vacancies in Denver.

In Denver alone, there are currently 800 letter carriers making the daily rounds, but many more are needed.

“Well, I think it is the national labor shortage, right? You know everybody is looking to hire out here. So, we in the Postal Service the average age of a postal carrier is 53. We have a lot of people eligible for retirement,” USPS strategic communications specialist James Boxrud said.

It is not just the post office that has the need for newbies, there is a nationwide shortage of workers in just about every field. So Uncle Sam is pulling out all the stops to get you to join the mail service.

“This is pretty amazing. We have only offered this once in the last decade. It’s a permanent career position to start,” Boxrud said.

That means medical insurance, dental coverage and pension all begin on day one.

Alyssa Fairbairn heard the call, applied, and now is in the first week of carrier academy.

“For me, it was the benefits and the stability. That’s what I was most interested in,” Fairbairn said.

After two weeks of in-class and practical training, the newly minted mail carriers will hit the streets.

“Starting salary for these career carrier positions are $45,000 a year. And full benefits on top of that, not including overtime,” Boxrud said.

Fairbairn says she is looking forward to following in her father’s footsteps in the USPS and she is also looking forward to buying her first home.

“I am hoping that I will make regular pretty quickly and then I will be able to save up pretty fast it sounds like and have a down payment for a house,” Fairbairn said.