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DENVER (KDVR) – A United States Army veteran, who bought a food truck to help fellow veterans, has a big battle in front of him due to Colorado’s economic shutdown.

Former infantry soldier Mike Gropper is a perfect example of someone who is serving those who serve.

Gropper is an eight year United States Army veteran who has invested thousands of his own dollars in a dream on wheels. He calls it The Full Rattle Battle Deli.

Gropper’s mission for the green machine wasn’t to profit, but a way for him to help other veterans.

“They participate on the food truck for 11 weeks, working and learning culinary arts skills. After the 11 weeks, we try to find them a jobs in the restaurant industry in Denver,” Gropper said.

In business for less than a year, Gropper’s goals were being realized until the pandemic hit.

“We lost all our client base that we built, so we couldn’t go out. It was not cost-effective to go out. We just pretty much shut down and tried to rebuild,” said Gropper.

Now, for the most part, Gropper’s battlewagon collects dust in a secured parking lot at the Denver Commissary, a community food kitchen.

Despite the current economic shutdown and lack of income, Gropper still offers his truck, time, and money to feed the hungry.

“I am doing this to give back to the community. I’ve always believed that service is important and we’re not alone, and are we not here to support and take care of each other?”

The army has taught Gropper many things like ‘never give up the fight.’ And that’s a lesson that he lives every day.

If you are interested in helping, you can donate to Gropper’s GoFundMe.