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DENVER (KDVR) — An assistant superintendent in the Cherry Creek School District is being forced out of her job after a Problem Solvers investigation.

The district’s move comes after a community petition demanding a woman who abandoned her dog in a dumpster be fired gained more than 1,600 signatures.

Nickie Bell, assistant superintendent at the Cherry Creek School District, and her husband Robert drove 32 miles from their home and left their 8-year-old Yorkshire terrier in a dumpster. A construction worker found the dog clinging to life the next day.

Bell is now on paid administrative leave and the district said she will not be returning once her leave is over.

The Bells pleaded guilty to animal neglect last week, but the community wants a harsher punishment. The woman who started the petition said they don’t want someone like Bell to be in charge of children at Cherry Creek.

“I for one don’t want someone who would treat a defenseless animal that way in charge of decision making for our children,” said Sandra Howard, who started the petition.

The Yorkie, now going by the name Teddy, is recovering with new owners.

Bell is on paid administrative leave for now and the district said she will no longer be employed once her leave ends.