Unemployment ID issues slow payments to Coloradans

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DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said fraud continues be a huge problem.  

That’s causing a big slowdown for people trying to get their unemployment checks.  

If you’re one of the thousands of people having trouble getting your unemployment check, the state labor department on Thursday said you can blame increasing fraud.  

Donald Rothermel told FOX31 he’s repeatedly tried to file a claim, but he has hit a road block using ID.me.  

“I’ve tried to sign in through the app. But it times out. Then I try to confirm it. It says re-try and puts you right back (in the same place) over and over and over,” said Rothermel. 

The ID.me process is supposed to authenticate identities and prevent fraud.  

That didn’t stop someone from making an illegal unemployment claim by using Angela Bleeker’s name and a fake email.  

“I’m me and I have proven that I’m me. However, I can’t get anyone to answer why they can’t authenticate anything but my email address,” said Bleeker. 

The new more rigorous ID.me system is slowing things down.  

“We have added fraud holds there. Those fraudsters are persistent,” said Colorado Unemployment Insurance Director Phil Spesshardt.

The CDLE said more states are beginning to use the ID.me system adding to the workload.  

“We would say that we are not necessarily happy with the response ID.me has been able to provide to our customers at this point in time,” added Spesshardt. 

On Thursday, the state rolled out a new video explaining how to use the ID.me system.

It helped Elroy Willis complete his application, but only after weeks of trying.  

“Somebody dropped the ball because CDLE said there’s nothing we can do. You have to get verified by ID.me. But ID.me doesn’t reach out. Do not ever call ID.me. Don’t waste your time,” said Willis. 

The state is hoping ID.me gets more workers soon and improves the identification process. 

But that could take a while.

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