WESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — A peace mural for Ukraine that is hanging outside the MAC Recreation Center in Westminster has a unique story. 

London Kaye, the founder of Love Across the USA, makes large crochet art installations that typically amplify the voices of women from the past and present that are changing the world.  

One of Kamala Harris was hung in Washington, D.C., on International Women’s Day.  

The inspiration behind London’s latest mural came from a sketch made by Artem Varakuta, a 16-year-old Ukrainian boy currently living as a refugee in Poland. He shared the quote, “When Russia invaded my country, I created this design hoping that peace will come to Ukraine as soon as possible!”

Responses from volunteers to make this mural were so big, London decided to make three and hang them in different spots around the country. About 150 crocheters have created three murals that are on display in Westminster, New York, and Petosky, Michigan.

“Everything is about spreading love and spreading hope and what was happening in Ukraine. I just couldn’t stand here and not do anything,” Kaye said.  

She enlists crocheters from different places to make a 2-by-2-foot piece of each design. They all get shipped to the same place, assembled and then hung up in a public place.

“All of our murals are entirely made of yarn. It’s all crocheted. Crochet is such a beautiful medium because generally, it reminds people of a blanket that their grandmother made or a sweater passed down from generation to generation,” Kaye said.

“So when you take this traditional handcraft and completely transform it, it really makes people take an extra look, absorb the art and look at things in a whole new way,” Kaye said. “Crocheters and knitters are notorious for having huge stashes of yarn. So, we have a suggested color palette, people use what they have, and that’s why we get this beautiful patchwork of color coming together to really show each hand that’s part of the project.”

Westminister artist Becky Silver has a gallery in Westminister Arts District and helped assemble all the pieces.

“It was really awesome. I received the packages with these crochet pieces. They came from all over the world, actually. I had a package from the UK, a package from Spain,” Silver said. “We unpacked them and put them all together, and it was just really amazing to see this all come together.”

“I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish and bring to Westminster and just to kind of give everybody an opportunity to pause and see this and kind of all feel connected, because we’re really all in this together,” Silver said.

This mural will be at the MAC at 3295 W. 72nd Avenue until May 13. Then, it will move to Los Angeles to allow for more people to see it.