DENVER (KDVR) — A day after a federal judge voided the national mask mandate covering airplanes and other public transportation, Uber says masks are no longer required for drivers and passengers.

Uber announced the update to its mask policy on Tuesday morning.

“Remember: Many people may still feel safer wearing a mask because of personal or family health situations, so please be respectful of their preferences,” Uber shared in a release.

A change was also made to Uber’s front-seat policy. Riders are no longer required to sit in the back seat. However, Uber said that riders should only sit in the front seat if the size of their group requires it.

Uber also thanked drivers and passengers in the following statement:

“We know the pandemic has been difficult. But you’ve continued to go the extra mile to help protect our communities—whether it’s wearing a mask, making space for one another, or giving drivers the respect they deserve. Thank you for that. It’s still important to take safety precautions while riding, driving, and delivering. So make sure to roll down the windows for extra airflow, sanitize your hands before and after trips or deliveries, and always cover your cough or sneeze.”

The Biden administration said it still encourages travelers to wear masks on public transit in order to protect against COVID-19.