DENVER (KDVR) — Uber is now offering riders a chance to save on their service if they share the trip with another rider along the way. The service is being launched in several cities, including Denver.

Before the pandemic, Uber riders could select the shared ride option. Now, the company is returning the fan favorite.

UberX Share is the reimagined shared ride offer that has launched in 34 cities across the U.S. Starting Wednesday, the feature is now available in Denver. Previously, the company offered the share option known as Uber Pool, which has now been replaced with UberX Share.

What is UberX Share?

According to the company, UberX Share allows riders to save up to 20% when they are matched with another rider on their route.

UberX Share
Uber is launching UberX Share in Denver, which allows riders to save money on their trip by picking up another passenger along their route. (Uber)

This means that the app will try to match your car with another rider along your route. At any point during your ride, Uber said you could be sharing the trip with up to two co-riders.

Uber said the rideshare option does not affect your overall trip time. The option is designed to add no more than 8 minutes to your trip on average.

When using UberX Share, you can only request one seat in the car, so if you plan to ride with a group, Uber recommends booking the standard UberX or UberXL trip.

Other than saving riders money, Uber also notes that the shared service helps to avoid extra emissions by sharing a car.