COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lakewood father was trying to earn some extra cash driving an Uber last Sunday night and ended up getting followed and shot at by another driver.

Commerce City Police are looking for the shooter and investigating it as attempted murder. Now the driver is asking the Problem Solvers for help.

Bob Lazzaro has been driving for Uber for a few months to bring in extra dollars. He said he had not driven for the company in a while but he decided to drive Sunday. He had to call a rider when she did not show up right away.

“I called one more time and a Spanish-speaking female answered. I could understand her enough to hear ‘uno momento’ and waited a few more minutes. As soon as that female rider hopped in the car, I pulled off of Newland and onto 59th and noticed a car coming down Newland in my peripheral really fast. Then out behind me, I heard what ended up being gunshots,” Lazzaro said.

Commerce City Police said a driver in a blue SUV that looks like a GMC Envoy followed Lazzaro’s car and started shooting at the vehicle, ultimately striking it. Lazzaro said it struck his body too.

“I’m feeling on my shoulder and I don’t see blood and I’m like right on, it was shrapnel, it was whatever. Nothing penetrated my shoulder. It still hurt but whatever. I turned to my passenger in the rear like, ‘Are you OK?’ You know, I’m freaking out, my adrenaline is through the roof and she looks at me just weird like, ‘What are you doing?’ It was the weirdest reaction to something that was that crazy,” Lazarro said.

To add insult to injury, Lazarro said Uber asked him to meet a $2,500 deductible to cover the damages because they consider the incident an accident, despite police ruling it as attempted murder. Lazzaro also said Uber told him he cannot continue to drive for them in the car until it’s fixed.

The Problem Solvers reached out to Uber. They said: “The details reported by the driver are terrifying and we are grateful no one was injured when third-party offenders opened fire. We have reached out to the driver to offer support.”