DENVER (KDVR) — A United Airlines flight aborted takeoff at Denver International Airport over the weekend after a fire on the airplane.

UA329 was bound for Boston Logan International Airport on Saturday.

A preliminary report from the Federal Aviation Administration said the plane, a Boeing 737, aborted takeoff because of smoke and fire under the right wing.

In recordings on, an air traffic controller can be heard telling the pilot he saw fire and smoke under the plane. The pilot suggested it may have been the brakes and said there was a flat tire.

Listen to those recordings in the video above.

The pilot aborted takeoff. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting crews, which are part of the Denver Fire Department, extinguished the fire, according to the FAA.

United Airlines responded in a statement Wednesday night, saying passengers were transferred to another plane.

“United flight 329 experienced a mechanical issue at the beginning of its takeoff roll and did not attempt takeoff. All passengers deplaned safely and were bused to the terminal. We assigned a new aircraft to operate the flight, which subsequently departed at 5:59 p.m. local time,” a United spokesperson said in an email.

The United spokesperson said no one was hurt.