AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Twin brothers were attacked and stabbed at a restaurant in Aurora two weeks ago.

One of the brothers was stabbed in the face and the other less than an inch from his heart.

The attack happened early in the morning about two weeks ago but both brothers are still healing and need surgery from their injuries.

“We weren’t doing anything, we were just enjoying a night out with my sister-in-law,” Michel Mora-Diaz said.

Michel and his brother, Diego, had a night out at a restaurant in Aurora two Saturdays ago.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, the brothers said a man started antagonizing them.

“He attacked my brother,” Diego said. “I asked him what was his problem, and he stabbed me in the face with a bottle, leaving me disfigured.”

Diego said his instinct was to help his brother.

“When I saw my brother bleeding from the face,” Diego said, “he was covered in blood, I grabbed the man.”

Shortly after coming to his brother’s aid, Diego said he was attacked.

“When I grabbed him, he stabbed me on my arm,” Diego said, “I needed 17 stitches.”

The brothers said this attack lead to a melee in the restaurant that nearly cost Diego his life.

“I saw he was with another person, that’s when someone stabbed me in the chest, about a quarter of an inch from my heart,” Diego said.

The twins went to a hospital for treatment where they were questioned about the attack by Aurora police.

They both went through several procedures and still need more medical care. Two weeks later, their attacker is still at large.

“I want justice because this man disfigured my face,” Michel said.

The Aurora Police Department said it collected evidence at the scene and the only information they have about a suspect is that he’s a heavy-set Hispanic man.