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BROOMFIELD, Colo. —  A 95-year-old Tuskegee Airman from Colorado Springs has just published his very first book.

Franklin J. Macon co-authored the book I Wanted to be a Pilot: The Making of a Tuskegee Airman with Elizabeth G. Harper. It tells the story of Macon growing up in Colorado Springs and what ultimately led him to become a pilot at Tuskegee.

In a presentation hosted by Commemorative Air Force Sunday afternoon at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Macon met with aviation and history enthusiasts to answer questions about his life, his flying career and his time at Tuskegee.

“Once our world war two veterans have moved on and passed on their history goes with them,” WWII historian Greg Kyle told FOX31.

Macon says he believes it is important to share his stories because he suffers from dyslexia and wants to show children today that they can overcome dyslexia to be whatever they want to be, including a pilot.

“Back in my day, they just thought we were stupid,” Macon said.

He says he never quite fit in at Tuskegee because Alabama was so different from Colorado.

“I couldn’t understand what they were saying and they couldn’t understand me because they talk southern and I talk Colorado,” he said.

He says he doesn’t know why he loves to fly but that flight just seems to be a part of him. Macon also says he didn’t plan on becoming a part of history.

“No, never even thought about that. Never even crossed my mind. I just wanted to get up there and tear holes in the sky,” he said.