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FIRESTONE, Colo. — Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of a home explosion in Firestone that killed two men and injured a woman.

A basement full of gas blew up in the 6300 block of Twilight Avenue. Officials said the explosion was caused by an odorless gas leaking from a broken flow line.

The line, owned by Anadarko Petroleum, had been cut but not disconnected, allowing gas to leak into the basement through a sump pit.

The explosion led to an emergency inspection order from Gov. John Hickenlooper and to some new regulations across the state.

Until now, the routes of existing underground flow lines remained largely unknown.

Starting May 1, oil and gas companies will be required to tell the state where they’re installing new lines and they’ll have to turn over information on lines they know about by next year.

The investigation into the blast has continued even one year later.

Anadarko has given out free methane detectors to homeowners near its sites.

Firestone held a small ceremony on Tuesday morning to honor the victims, Mark Martinez and Joey Irwin.